Hello, we are the Indoor Shoes. More specifically, Evan the Shouty Shouty Man, Thomas the Strummy Strummy Man, Ben the Bassy Bassy Man and Sean The Bangy Bangy Man.

We’re from all over the universe but mainly live in Liverpool and Manchester, so we settled on the city with the superior football team (YNWA). We formed through dating apps mainly, shout out to bumble (that’s genuinely true). We all have fairly different influences which is why our sound is quite eclectic and non-specific, but we’re united as a foursome through a mutual adoration of pot noodles.

Indoor Shoes was the best of a bad bunch of names, but actually the best of a bad bunch doesn’t sound like a bad name for a band does it? Did you know that chocolate milk was invented in Jamaica in the 1700s? I bet you didn’t.