Previous events

Date Event Location
After All Festival Peer Hat, Manchester Peer Hat, Manchester
Indoor Shoes Grafton Arms, Manchester Grafton Arms, Manchester
Indoor Shoes Lock 91, Manchester Lock 91, Manchester
Indoor Shoes EBGBs, Liverpool EBGBs, Liverpool
Indoor Shoes Jacaranda, Liverpool Jacaranda, Liverpool
The Montagues, The Garnetts, Indoor Shoes, Sundown Marathon EBGBS, Liverpool EBGBS, Liverpool
Indoor Shoes Crewe Dog, Crewe Crewe Dog, Crewe
The Zangwills, The A.V Club, Indoor Shoes Future Yard, Birkenhead Future Yard, Birkenhead
Indoor Shoes Outpost, Liverpool Outpost, Liverpool
Indoor Shoes Salty Dog, Northwich Salty Dog, Northwich
Indoor Shoes Shipping Forecast, Liverpool Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
Indoor Shoes Hull Hull
Indoor Shoes Sheffield Sheffield